The Constitutional Court of Mongolia published compilation of research articles submitted by the member countries

The Constitutional Court of Mongolia is presiding over the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions in 2021-2023.

          The objectives of the Association are to promote the protection of human rights, the guarantee of democracy, the implementation of rule of law, the independence of Constitutional courts and equivalent institutions, and the cooperation and exchange of experiences and information among members.

          In this context, the knowledge and experience of Justices, scholars and researchers of the Constitutional review bodies of the members of the AACC are being shared in the compilation of scientific research articles written in English and Russian, the official working languages of the Association, on the topic “Implementation of Constitutional Review: Challenges and Development Trends”.

          It is believed that this publication will contribute to the development of the theoretical and practical understanding of the Constitutionalism and to the expansion of Constitutional law research at international level.